Sweat Rice!

Well known in Grenadian folklore!

Sweat Rice is a local custom given to describe the preparation of a love potion which will allow a woman to trap her lover. Before hand, your future wife had cooked a pot of rice where at the later stages of it being thoroughly cooked, she removed her garment and squatted over the iron pot causing the steam to condense on the her skin and deep between her crotch. Any sweat occurring from enchanting brew simply drops back into the pot of rice. Not a drop is wasted. The secretion is well mixed in and a pinch of salt is added to camouflage the sweet pheromone taste.

Mmmmm… tastyyy! See link for more details.

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10 comments on “Sweat Rice!
  1. Will says:

    lol… yeah i think this is a common piece of folklore in the caribbean… we have it too…

    in fact, i have a friend who refuses to eat food cooked by a woman he is with for fear of her “tying” him (that’s what we call the effects of the sweat rice)…

    people will believe any old crap i suppose…

  2. YingYang says:

    I love how ruthibelle “Eww-ing”. Sweating supposed to be pretty famous in Jamaica too! lol

    Will, I swear, if I had the energy to squat my poor coochie over a hot fire JUST to hold a man, well… I might probably have one! then again, I might not have a coochie after that but say what.

  3. Abeni says:

    True that Will and remember how some men would say they not drinking red juice from any woman

  4. bakannal says:

    lol. the image of a woman squatting over a hot pot of rice … now dats gotta be love.

  5. jdid says:

    good lord! i aint eating nuttin from nun a wunnah 🙂

  6. jdid says:

    actually before I was married I was rather particular about eating from women too. Remember one gal brought me food from home and another one made sweet bread specially for me. i aint eat nun a dum yet. lol

  7. bakannal says:

    but yuh eatin now tho.hahhahahaha.

  8. YingYang says:

    Teeeheheeee @ bakannal to Jdid. Yeah Jdid, am SURE you ate from Mrs Jdid at some point before yuh did get married huh?

  9. Ryan says:

    In Jamaica there is a different version of this…it’s called channel egg. Basically the woman has her friend crack an egg on her back, she lets it run down through her batty crease and catches it after it pass her pumpum. She then fries it and gives it to her man to eat. It’s been known to make men powerless…lol.

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