Miss Grenada World ~ update

vivianLast year I posted about the preparations for the Miss Grenada World last year but never followed up. Our participant, Vivian Burkhardt was among the final 16 Miss World contestants in China. Well done Viv! Click here to see photos of Vivian’s experience in China.

Needless to say the local representative selection process was rife with controversy, as these “beauty” pageants always seem to be. There were those who argued that contestants were too white, not white enough, not rootsy enough, too rootsy, too educated, not educated enough, too ugly, too pretty and the clincher – not Grenadian enough. Allegations were made that the the local organising committee had already made their selection (Vivian) and that the local contest was a sham. I tell yuh, between politics and queen shows, we people love ah argument!

Despite the fact that she is stunning, I’ll admit that Vivian was not my personal choice for Miss Grenada. It was a toss-up between Michelle Minors and another young lady (who withdrew from the competition but who was pursuing her law degree at the Sorbonne in Paris. !!!). What can I say, I have a weakness for smarts over looks. Or rather, smarts over “looks” as all those ladies are beautiful IMO.

In any case, the entire Miss World thing was a total let-down due to the horrible television coverage of the show, which appeared to have been produced by the Chinese themselves – as it was devoid of interest, humor and most importantly, the English language. Ah well! I hope we’ve learnt our lesson and realise that the kind of money that was spent to prepare and send Vivian to China could have put at least 5 children through secondary school.

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5 comments on “Miss Grenada World ~ update
  1. daniel noel says:

    Vivian Burkhardt studies at St. George’s university, and you want to describe her as dumb? As far as i know she is pretty smart, i hate her for that because i study much more than her, and her grades are still always better than mine!!!

  2. yygda says:

    Daniel, I don’t think I ever described Vivian as “dumb”. Actually the point I was making was that some of the other girls, while smart, were not what some people might consider pretty in a model-ish way.

    However I will say that I DEFINITELY would not compare St George’s University to the Sorbornne. Come on! Consider the entry requirements alone, not to mention having to complete coursework in a different language.

  3. Cole says:

    Grades and Universities are not the only indicators of intelligence.

    Moreso dedication and commitment.

    The fact many of the world top entrepreneurs never stepped foot inside a higher education establishment or flopped, proves this.

  4. Elvis says:

    Viviana Ipersonally think you are a Queen a star a beautiful lady be postive and take time to enjoy your fame and may it turn into fortune.may God bless you.

  5. latoya says:

    samantha that have to be there not you vivian .

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