Grenada – 36th Anniversary of Independence

My land, my home
Life has taken me so far away from your grasp
But no matter where I may rove
It’s paradise in my heart

I make the best of wherever I am
But when I am home
I belong
We eat the same foods
Breathe the same air
We talk the same language
And though your faces vary, they’re familiar

Your vibrant colours and rich aromas
Your breath-taking and individual sunsets
Your culture and traditions
Your picturesque expressions
Your law abiding officers in smart uniforms
Even your pot-holes and sleeping polices
But the passion, the heart of your people, warm and friendly
Your traffic polices too, call me

You’re calling me
With every heartbeat~
I hear you calling
Calling me home

Reality is neither blind nor deaf
And does not forget
From the desert of Egypt to the snow top Alps
No matter how near or far
I close my eyes and you are there
The dust of your earth
The green in your volcanic landscapes
Your supreme wealth and piquant fragrances
Natural health remedies
Costumed spices
And petticoat beaches
Your crystal waters
My invisible footprints left in your sand
And your yellow sun
Always leads me back to you
I hear you calling ~
Calling me back to my island

Your days sparkle
And your nights full of wishes
Your shadows, tender
And your air, warm
Calling me
Calling me back to your charms

Visitor, foreigner, stranger
These are the names I acquire when I return to your shores~
As I no longer lie and wake in your embrace
But sweetly and forgivingly you strike my face and welcome your own
You’ve been calling
I heard your whisper, calling~
Calling me home

The taste of Rivers and Mountain dew
Lime juice, Ginger beer, Sorrel and Mauby
Johnnie bakes and salt-fish cakes
Lambie, Oil-down, my favourite local dish lingers on my tongue
And my senses awaken to your call
Calling me home

Your nostalgic songs and traditional dances
Belle Air, PK, Bongo and Heel ‘n toe
Not to forget the Big Drum
Your sweet calypso music and steel band
I hear your ageless sounds and rhythms
Calling me home

Sweet mother land~
I can’t stay away from you for too long
Daughter of your soils
Born and bred and raised
There’s a band that no one, no distance can break
No matter where life takes me
I hear you… always calling~
Calling me home

Oh Motherland
Wherever I may roam
My heart will always be your home

I pledge myself to thee
With head and heart and hands in unity~
Proud of our heritage, proud of you
May we, together with faith and courage
Ever conscientious of God
RISE, BUILD and ADVANCE as one people
May God richly bless you Grenada
With my distant pride, I celebrate your beauty and achievements

Poem by Nesta Ruegg-Aberdeen, Grenadian Poet

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