Project 2010 – The BBB Version

Over at the #WITArmy HQ in Twitterverse (that’s West Indian Tweeters Army for the non-twits), @gwto asked us to participate in an interesting pet project. @gwto, a Trinidadian who blogs at, proposed Project 2010, which he outlined as such:

I need you to choose a song that means a lot to you. Then I need you to say why it means a lot to you, in a paragraph or two (or three, or any amount). Then I need you to include a link to a YouTube video of that song.

As soon as I read the parameters for the Project I knew immediately which band I was going to feature. Tears for Fears has been my favourite group since the days of my emo-teenagerdom, way back in the 80’s when emo wasn’t trendy or hip and us emo pioneers were considered just plain old weird and creepy.

Back in the days, exposure to a variety of music was severely limited, simply due to the means of media and communication available then. I still remember the start-up of this odd TV station that promised to show nothing but “music videos” all day. Despite the endless rotation of the same 25 music vids, we never imagined that MTV would become the massive behemoth that it is today. (It is a pity that MTV presently does everything else BUT show music videos!) What MTV did do for this little Grenadian girl was to open up a world of Euro-pop, Techno, Hard Rock, Punk and early Rap, music so very different to the familiar Soca and Reggae played on local and regional radio. (Reggae mind you, not Dancehall. That would come later.) As a child of the 80’s, a lot of the music and bands of the 80’s are favorites, embedded into the consciousness of my emerging adulthood. There are so many songs from that time that evoke specific memories and emotions, even 20 years later. “Careless Whispers” by Wham – my first slow-dance with the “first-love”. “Take Me On” by A-Ha – my hairbrush-as-a-microphone tune. “When Doves Cry” by Prince – sadness. “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics – badass. “Like A Virgin” by Madonna – inspired many a fashion faux pas. The Police, Joan Jett, Bruce Springsteen, Genesis, Simple Minds, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Culture Club. Just typing the names triggers snippets of forgotten lyrics and long lost memories.

Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears was the first album that I ever owned. Even more than the technicality of the music, their lyrics spoke directly to the mind of the restless, unhappy loner that was me, driving me to own every album they made. I’ve chosen “Shout” as my Project 2010 video, but “Mothers Talk” and “I Believe” are also personal favorites. The video above is not the original music video but was recorded in 2006 during a concert in Europe – the passion, beat, lyrics and sound are still there 25 years later.

Now excuse me while I go lip-synch in front of the bathroom mirror.

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One comment on “Project 2010 – The BBB Version
  1. Wow, that’s excellent – thanks so much! Look out for it on GWTO on Jan 8th.

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