Spectacularly Normal – from Joshua Yetman/Modern Day Gilligan

Ever so often I open Twitter or my NetNewsWire rss feed, to find out that @MDGilligan has posted a new picture (see above).

More often than not, his images manage to evoke feelings in me that are overwhelming, they are sometimes hard to explain or to define.

Case in point, this picture above, and the simple, yet extraordinarily beautiful tableaux that you see. This is the famous Grand Anse Beach, a 2 mile strip of sand on Grenada’s south-western shoreline, home to no less than five hotels, a few more guesthouses, restaurants and bars, a public park, a college campus, a church, a cemetery and – on its southernmost tip – an abandoned leper colony presently known as Quarantine Point.

I’ve been a fan of Joshua Yetman, or Gilligan as I refer to him often in conversation with other people for quite some time. I am often in awe of his unique perspective on Grenada. He is an American, married to a Trinidadian, living in Grenada. And yet, he captures such images and moments in time of a Grenada, an island, a people, a narrative of a history and a culture that are not his by birth, but have become his through his lens. Looking at his photos I see a wonderful talent, but I also feel his love and appreciation and connection to his subject matter. Sometimes it makes me tear up, because it’s like his photographs are speaking to me, talking of the beauty, simplicity, the essence of this country that I love so much. So many times I have looked at the photos on his blog or his Flickr and marveled at how much is being said in one single millisecond of time. And that the story Josh is telling is mine. It’s Grenada’s. And yet it’s his at the same time. Isn’t that awesome?


I’ve never met Joshua. I’ve seen him around here or there. We’ve exchanged emails a couple times. I’ve paparazzi-ed him once or twice. There have been times when I could have said “Hey! It’s me! Wasssssup?!”, but I’ve held back; whether from shyness or my chronic fear of outing my blogging self I’m not sure. Blame the 13-yr old fangirl in me!

Check out Joshua/MDGilligan’s photoblog at http://www.moderndaygilligan.com/ and his Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshy55013/

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4 comments on “Spectacularly Normal – from Joshua Yetman/Modern Day Gilligan
  1. experienceaurie says:

    This picture is beautiful…you’re on the money with this one.

  2. jaywalk1 says:

    Afternoon! I’m reading your post from Washington, DC. My family is from Grenada so I check in your blog from time to time for the latest info. Just wanted to say that this picture AND your post are beautiful!

  3. owen says:

    wow, lovely picture, its all about picking the right time of day. nice write up, stalkerish but nice, lol.

  4. KKDA says:

    Loved the write up. Felt the exact way when i saw Josh’s photos for the first time. Owen maybe it’s a girl thing …not stalkerish….Oweeeennnnn as my daughter would say..nooottt niiiceee

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