Hurricane Ivan & Grenada – 5 years ago

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Ivan’s assault on Grenada in 2004. This post is published at 2:00pm, to commemorate the approximate time on that day that the first destructive assaults began on the eastern side of the island.

Hurricane Ivan passes over Grenada

It goes without saying that 5 years on, the scars of Ivan are still fresh on the minds of the average Grenadian. Tens of thousands of people had their homes, businesses, schools, churches, community centers, vehicles and – most importantly – their peace of mind taken from them in a single half-day period. But the most painful part, as I can attest, was the loss of personal items, photo albums, keepsakes, and the myriad other little treasures that inevitably mark the signicant periods of our lives. All of the photos of my life up to that point were lost – my baby pictures, first days at school, high school graduation, college, wedding, and those from the birth of the Lil One. All the moments in my life that I saved for posterity now exist only in my memory – I still tear up when I reflect on what is gone.

Below are the links to my two-part post about Ivan, originally written in 2005.

YY’s Ivan Chronicle part 1

YY’s Ivan Chronicle part 2

A few links where you can view other “survivor” stories and pictures:

Samir Shah (SGU student)

Cindy’s Webshots Album

Lovest3 Webshots Album

Grenada Explorer

madmarck66’s Flickr

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4 comments on “Hurricane Ivan & Grenada – 5 years ago
  1. lilalia says:

    Even though you did survive and so many have worked hard to rebuild, there is no way you, or they, can retrieve those personal items. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My husband’s father, in a fit of passion (he’s Italian) maliciously destroyed all the family photo albums, so I know a little of what you feel. My mother lost her home to Ivan and, when I visit her new/old home it is hard to sense the memories of my father living in that home, now that the walls are not the old ones. On anniversaries such as these, our reflections are somewhat bitter sweet. Tomorrow they will, hopefully, lighten.

  2. Stunner says:

    Wow! It has been that long! hurricanes are a scary reality we face every year.

  3. gabriella kadar says:

    I read your posts about Hurrican Ivan. Scary scary stuff.

    Well written.

    This year appears to be a calm one. I’m going to be visiting for two weeks as of this friday so I’ve been watching the weather. Rain, rain, thunderboomers: no bigdeal. 28C at night is what’s giving me hotflashes just thinking about it. Probably I’ve become arctic adapted. 🙂

  4. Pierre says:

    Ivan the terrible also hit us here in Jamaica a few days after although not nowhere near as badly as Grenada. Sorry about your losses, BBB. It is most painful when you lose things that cannot be replaced.

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