Spicemas video clips

Soca Monarch Finals – Mr Killa’s winning performance. The crowd goes INSANE!

Jouvert morning. This was 6am. Jouvert got off to a late start. I was at home, drinking coffee and about to crash.

Carnival Monday Night – Monday Nite Mas which is basically tee-shirt bands.

LIME Mas Band

DIGICEL / Clarkes Court & Coke

It’s been a wet, rainy Carnival.

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3 comments on “Spicemas video clips
  1. Will says:

    so where’s the clip of ying yang rollin she bamsee?

    good clips overall though (despite their lack of blahblohblog rear endage)…


  2. YingYang says:

    There does not exist, on this mortal plain, a videocam lens large enuf to capture the YY Bamsee Roll. Sorry dear *patting back*

  3. Stunner says:

    Can’t really hear Mr Killa, but judging from the audience’s reaction they seemed to love it.

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