YingYang temporarily unveiled!

Yesterday during our customary mid-afternoon Twitterbbean session (stop rolling your eyes JDID AND OWEN!), I changed my avatar for a couple of hours to a picture of the real me.

Since then I have been thinking that it is a little unfair for the Tweeps to have been able to bask in the radiant beauty that is Moi (stop laughing JDID AND OWEN!!!) and the faithful BBB readers still think I’m a disembodied yin-yang symbol.  So in order to rectify this I hereby post a couple of pictures so you guys can see who is me. The pictures are only going to be viewable for a short time so macco them now!

[Edit June 21 2009] Aww… sorry folks, you got here too late and the photos have already been removed. Console yourself with this beautiful shot of Grand Anse beach… and the Lil One!

The Lil One on Grand Anse Beach

The Lil One on Grand Anse Beach

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12 comments on “YingYang temporarily unveiled!
  1. bandi says:

    rclick and save… quick 😉

  2. Will says:

    well well well… i see you’ve decided to come out of the closet… 🙂

    as a member of the twitterverse, i’m proud to say that i’ve seen at least one of these before… i guess i beat jdid… woohoo!!!

    so… are you like… gonna delete this post? or just edit to to leave out the pics? want me to do an artist’s rendering of one of them for you keep as a place-marker? 😛

  3. wuzdescene says:

    gyul you real good … I livin in Trini … so I have tuh remain in de closet … cuz I does bad talk too much ah pepole …. and too much ah dem have gun!

  4. YingYang says:

    You know, I so vex. The 2 people I have this up for, Jdid and Owen, WHEY DEY DEH?? Wuzdescene I know what u mean about staying in the closet and I am going back in there by noon tomorrow so dem two fellas better come check it fast! Won’t delete the post but will replace the pics.. with.. something.

    …… You know.. me and the Lil One have the SAME skin-teet thing going on. And my nose is freaking huge!

  5. jdid says:

    ha ha ha, so wait ya treating me an owen very special 🙂
    thank you very much. looking nice
    amm we need a full body shot though 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing, now I might stand a chance of figuring out just who you are in a Grenadian bar!

  7. owen says:

    unlike some people I don’t live on the internet. I have to actually wake up and push a button on the thingy for it to come up.
    I don’t understand how you giving twitter people special treatment when you know that all they care about are quickies and one night stands. There is no hope for you people!

    oh my what big teeth you have! she inherited the 5 head too, lol.

  8. YingYang says:

    Mark, I’m definitely looking forward to getting to meet you one day.

    Jdid, I promise you that you will never see a full body shot of me – I don’t even think one exists (I systematically destroy them!). Suffice it to say, I am a big fat-ass. Take it from me.

    Owen, I think you drastically underestimating the pleasures of a one-night stand, bwoy! Ha hah! Yes me teet big, me head big and me backside big too. And look – you and me have same taste in windscreen sunglasses!! 😀

  9. Will says:

    i’m going to do an impressionistic, artist’s rendering of you to use in this spot…

    i will use the pics that i saved (hah) for inspiration…

  10. jdid says:

    big fat-ass? I think not, dont be shy now.

  11. Stunner says:

    And there I was thinking I’d get to see some swimsuit shots 😦

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