Taiwan to Grenada – “We want we money NOW!”

Back in 2007 I blogged about Taiwan taking Grenada to court regarding non-payment of loan monies in the sum of US$21 mill. Well 2 years, US$4mill in interest and a new Grenadian government later, Taiwan is threatening to repossess all ah we bumsee if we doh pay dem dey money!

The Minister of Finance Nazim Burke, in his usual lawyerly manner, has indicated that Grenada is considering all of its options with regard to the way forward, as obviously we ent have no money to give Taiwan! Among these options is retaining new legal counsel (as the old one appears to have sucked) and unabashed begging and grovelling. Maybe if we went back to doodling “Greenz ♥♥♥ Tai-Tai 4evah” on our exercise books Taiwan might stop sulking that we give dem up for China.

Regular Grenadians are convinced that Taiwan is literally going to show up on Grand Anse Beach with an eviction notice and two bailiffs and toss us all on a bamboo raft set adrift in the Caribbean sea. [If so, Abeni and Will in Vincy better brace for YY and she string-band ah refugee!]

Meanwhile, cynical Grenadians like myself are wondering if we can’t offer up former Prime Minister Keith “Is me damn money” Mitchell as a form of restitution, a kind of good-faith payment. He should be good for, oh say, US$150,000 or thereabouts!

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10 comments on “Taiwan to Grenada – “We want we money NOW!”
  1. […] Taiwan takes Grenada to court over the non-payment of a loan, Blah Bloh Blog comments: “Cynical Grenadians like myself are wondering if we can’t offer up former Prime […]

  2. Will says:

    you totally have a place to stay… make sure point your raft vaguely north and head for a beach on the southern end of the island… if you see a lot of yachts you’re too far windward… look for a tiny rock with a white cross and you’re there… my house is the one with the demerara windows and the caged dog in the front yard, next to a restaurant…

    i’ll clean the room in preparation, but you’ll have to put up with pooh, piglet and tigger painted on the walls since it used to be lila’s room before they moved upstairs… abeni might have more room for your string band… i’m not putting the dog out… he’s too fragile for real life…

    oh god i hope the imf gets us before the world’s superpowers do…

  3. YingYang says:

    Will. This is becoming serious. I am going to have to insist that you walk around with a little sign that says “Caution. May cause involuntary convulsions of mirth resulting in incontinence.”

    Anyway, we worse off than y’all in SVG. The IMF going with us first! Wait allyuh turn, or at least until yuh airport done build an’ all the “who teef money” maylay begin.

  4. Stunner says:

    Sounds like a serious state of affairs. Well, there is always Jamaica 😉

  5. zooms says:

    BBB, Please reserve two spaces on the raft for me and T and tell Will, we would be more than happy with the closet.Great post, as per norm, BBB, guess we will just have to wait and see.

  6. Will says:

    girl we still in the middle of the ‘who tief de money from de ottley hall marina’ madness here… god only knows when the airport maylay go start…

    so… i made you pee??? i HAVE had that effect before… usually it’s because i’ve scared a child by screaming at it… (i use ‘it’ not derogatorily, but merely as a gender-non-specific pronoun)…

    zooms – cleaning out the closet as i type… you guys want one drawer or two? sorry, but the third is dedicated to my expansive collection of pornography and cannot accommodate southern islands refugees or ex-pats at this time…

  7. aka_lol says:

    Ask Pathos for a loan – that is an option. Taiwan may be calling in their loan in a big way because Grenada may have gone Chinese – I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like a lot of money for Taiwan and when you consider the destruction by Emily, it seems a bit heartless.

  8. jdid says:

    denounce dem damn tawainese. tell them ya going to become buddies with China and you cant owe money to a country that China dont recognize.

  9. Jamaipanese says:

    hilarious post especially the eviction notice part.

    The China Taiwan tug-o-war continues

  10. korma says:

    funny taiwan – we want me money in soca monarchs last night
    who sing dat?

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