Chuckle for the day – Prez-Obama and Brian Lara

Wonkette runs a Caption This contest on this picture taken during the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad. Sadly the Wonketters were not up to their usual witty form, probably as most of them have no idea who Brian Lara is.  A sampling of a couple of the lamer comments:

“Just imagine the ball is Boehner’s kneecaps, mon.”

POTUS demonstrating his signature cool headed demeanor, spanks the shit out of another African leader because he can. [YY: Lara is not African, nor is he a leader of a country. Grrr….]


It is so rare to see a photo of Obama with some other guy and be all OH MY GOD THAT OTHER MAN IS IMPOSSIBLY HANDSOME SO HANDSOME HANDSOME [YY: Handsome?? I’ve always failed to see the cute factor of Brian Lara.]

Needless to say, let’s not leave out the Basics of Cricket summary:

“Basically, it’s like baseball with two bases, a few dozen outfielders, no gloves, and the games last for a full Goddamn week in hellish third-world humidity. The scores of games come out looking like introductory calculus equations, the bat is an S&M tool, the ball is thrown at some sticks stuck in the mud and everyone dresses like yacht sailors. I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it in America, Mr. President.”

In any case, it is a really adorable photo, and I love to see *our* famous people hob-nobbing with the Prez – very cool. Hate to say but the Prez has really bad batting form there though. He look like he vooping!

More Summit of the Americas photos courtesy here.

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9 comments on “Chuckle for the day – Prez-Obama and Brian Lara
  1. anonyjw says:

    Well, my personal fav is “…now we know why Dick Cheney was in that wheel chair!”

    Its a pity America isn’t all that cricket crazy. Obama’s trying to get the World Cup to America… maybe (after this pic with Lara)the next ICC Cricket World Cup is next?


  2. ruthibelle says:

    how you nuh see the cute factor with Brian Lara?? It is so there. In a dignified ol charmin kinda way…

    This a really nice pic.

    Caption: Hitting sixes- Us Prez, Barack Obama and outstanding WI cricketer, Brian Lara, share a moment of *cant quite find the right word* (comaraderie??)

    Obama look funny in that squat, lol 🙂

  3. YingYang says:

    Welcome anonyjw! Ah doh know about yuh idea for CWC to be in America nuh – dat go signal de real end ah cricket fuh real.

    Oh lawd Ruthibelle… ah en do lie, ah doh like Lara at all at all. Me spirit jus’ doh tek wid him, he too bragga. Plus ah cyah forget the whole taylaylay years ago when he did sell out we Junior Murray during de tour in England. He an’ Junior limin’ hard hard and get disciplined. Who get sen’ home??? Donkey-ass Junior while Lara get a wrist-slap. Chups..

  4. abeni says:

    Barack,in Port of Spain there is only one Prince and that’s me so follow the leader

  5. zooms says:

    Cute? Sorry, went right off Brian when I saw him throwing his pacifier out of the pram because the spa said he was too late for his facial, Now Chris Gayle…………………………..

  6. theWorldidnotChange says:

    Awesome !

    Do you know how sometimes in internet blogs people type statements like “epic win” etc. This photo calls for such an exclammation.

    This photo really makes me proud to feel west indian, and is one more reason for people of the world to like President Obama !

  7. jdid says:

    those captions were lame, oh man

  8. Jamaipanese says:

    Obama for the West Indies Team!

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