The Beast arrives at Piarco Airport ~ Fifth Summit of the Americas

Allyuh know y’all gyul go find a way to get some exclusive pictures from T&T re: the Fifth Summit of the Americas! Well, see below the President’s Cadillac limousine, nicknamed “The Beast” arriving at Piarco Airport yesterday.

De Transport gets transported

De Beast emerges!

Checkin out de ride

Watch pose nuh!!

Lawd, I have to love mi Trini brudders and dem – yuh ent see dem posing wid de man vehicle!! (For what it’s worth, I understand these pictures were taken by T&T police officers, not civilians. I know we Caribbean people good, but we ent so good dat de Secret Service go let we jus’ be liming around de most secure car in de world).

EDIT/UPDATE!: Bandi pointed out to me that apparently this is NOT de Beast (steupse), as per the comments discussion on Wuzdescene.

Also turns out the pictures are as exclusive as I thought either. Seems that EVERYONE in T&T emailing these around de place!  But say what, dey still fun to watch. There are even more pictures at Wuzdescene’s link.

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10 comments on “The Beast arrives at Piarco Airport ~ Fifth Summit of the Americas
  1. bandi says:

    buh da is not d beast

  2. YingYang says:

    Watch bwoy! De sources say dat it is!! *frantically double-checking the sources*

    . . . Wait nuh. How come you is not one ah me sources??

    edit: sigh… Turns out Bandi is correct. Post updated above.

  3. wuzdescene says:

    an’ hear nah …. I didn’t post ALL de pics eh …. cuz is 43 pics I get in de email ….

    chups …. we still patiently waiting tuh see de real ting ….

  4. […] news may have to wait, but Blah Bloh Blog certainly spread some confusing news in the form of photos (allegedly of the arrival of The Beast) […]

  5. MoTuT says:

    lol this is similar to what happened just now when all the local news channels got excited only to see Steven Harper come out of a plane then realizing it wasn’t Air Force One.

  6. Stunner says:

    Well it looks like it.

  7. zooms says:

    Have some lemonade.
    There is a ‘refreshing’ award for you over at my blog.

  8. […] buone notizie dovranno aspettare, ma il Blah Bloh Blog [in] ha invece diffuso alcune notizie confusionarie sotto forma di foto (presumibilmente riguardo […]

  9. YingYang says:

    By the way, jus’ so allyuh know, it WAS the limo that he used. The actual Beast-Beast is probably back in D.C., but the Prez was riding in this Fake-Beast. :p

  10. […] notícias talvez tenham que esperar, mas Blah Bloh Blog com certeza espalhou notícias confusas em formato de fotos –alegadas serem sobre chegada da […]

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