25 Things About Me

Ah well, it was only a matter of time before the “25 Things” meme got here. Let me tell you, I haven’t met a meme I didn’t like! Without further ado – –

  1. Although I enjoy socialising, at heart I am a loner. I honestly enjoy my own company.
  2. With very few exceptions I don’t care much for other people’s children or other people’s dogs.
  3. I hate cats.
  4. I am terrified of frogs and snakes.
  5. I get along better with most men then with most women. Women can be incredibly catty. Yes I said it!
  6. The few women I do get along with, and adore, are women I consider to be my Bestest Friends Evah! even though I have not seen most of them in person for about ten years or so. Thank goodness for the internet.
  7. I passionately hate my ex-husband because, for his stupid, immature reasons, he chooses not maintain contact with my our daughter.
  8. And I equally hate his family for the same reason.
  9. I love my brother but cannot be around him for more than two hours without wishing he would go away.
  10. I cry when I am angry.  This is not at all helpful at work.
  11. I am passive aggressive.  I shy away from direct conflict. This too is not helpful at work.
  12. When I write you off as a friend/acquaintance you are written off!
  13. I am a romantic at heart as long – as long as it is not my heart we are talking about. I love matchmaking other people. Right now I’m trying to matchmake Mr WikiGrenada.com, but he’s not having any of it. No fear, I am nothing if not persistent! *evil laugh*
  14. It took me about 35 years to realise that I do not have to subject myself to the company of people I do not like. So now I don’t.  And this is something I am actively trying to instill in my 6-year old. Not having much luck there :/
  15. I think women, by and large, are crappy drivers. Yes I said it again! Sue me.
  16. I never wanted children. That said, my daughter is the complete center of my life; she has made me become a better person than I ever thought I could be.
  17. I’m often plagued with fears that I am not a good mother, but deep down I know I am.
  18. I feel guilty for being a working mother, although I would not have it any other way. I am not domestic or a home-maker at all.
  19. I could never be a vegetarian. I love meat too much.
  20. I am a world class procrastinator.  When I put my mind to getting something done, it’s usually done quickly and efficiently, but fear (and laziness) often cripples the start process. This is why I still do not have my own house (yet) and why I haven’t gotten my own business off the ground (yet, yet).
  21. I used to be in therapy.  I think I need to start going again – I’m getting a little anxious and overwhelmed recently. Or maybe I just need a holiday.
  22. My ultimate gift to myself would be to cut off my DD breasts and get some perky, little, teenager boobs instead. Regardless the cost, I WILL do this before I am 45. My breasts are the part of myself I dislike the most.
  23. My hands and feet are the parts of myself I like the most. I spend a good bit of money on nail care, polish, etc.
  24. 99% of the people in my life do not know I write a blog.  Of that number, 99% wouldn’t care.
  25. I cannot smoke marijuana, it makes me instantly and violently sick. Sometimes just smelling it will give me a nauseous headache.

Hmmm… purposely tagging PatrickManning (because the response will be hilarious), Stunner (because he’s such a cutie-pie), and Zooms (because she intrigues me!).  Everyone else feel free to jump in though!

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19 comments on “25 Things About Me
  1. maria says:

    Oh, I really really hope Patrick Manning does it.

    Also: You’re afraid of frogs? And Stunner is cute? lol

  2. abeni says:

    hah..I am extremely good at 12

    I ‘ve been doing no 14 for what seems like forever. If I don’t like your vibe I make it my business to stay di hell away.

    I did mine but on FB after MB tagged me.

  3. abeni says:

    cosign on hating cats.They are plain creepy and oh so arrogant.lol

  4. Stunner says:

    I definitely feel you on this one, “Although I enjoy socializing, at heart I am a loner. I honestly enjoy my own company.”

    OK, this is the third time I got this, so I will do it, and also because you called me “cutie-pie” LOL!

  5. yingyang says:

    Stunner is very cute. I maccoed the blogger meet up pictures from Jamaica. 😀

    Urgh, cats I don’t like – always turning up their noses at humans. I have enough problems with people, I don’t need cats making me feel bad too.

    Frogs and snakes are COMPLETELY gross. Eeeeeeeekk!

  6. acrooms says:

    i can agree with about 98% of this list. perhaps we are soulmates!

    except for the cat thing. although there are moments when i hate my cats because there are just SO MANY of them being a pain in the ass at the same time.

  7. jdid says:

    whoa whoa whao lets not do anything rash with the breasts ok. whats with all these bloggers and the breast reduction thoughts. you’re not making the world a happier place you know


    oh and i totally agree with #12

  8. Stunner says:

    What! I too totally DISAGREE with the breast reduction!!! If you read my 25 list that I posted you’ll see why.

    I’m glad you think I’m cute 🙂 [head swelling]

  9. zooms says:

    Yingyang, o.k. i will do this but only because
    it’s from you and
    i admit to being flattered by the word ‘intrigues’ and
    you don’t threaten me with any imminent disasters if i don’t
    but please leave the breasts be.

  10. maria says:

    Have any of you people actually seen YingYang’s boobs? Because she could halve them and still be ample.

  11. YingYang says:

    Big Ole LOL to @maria: Girl I know you got my back. Or my bosom as the case may be!

    @zooms: I am so glad you are doing this. I want you to know we HAVE to have a Gda Blogger meet up soon.

    @stunner: Boy, you so cute you sweet like sugar! Wait. Ah go start to fix you up next.

    @jdid: Leff dem breatesesssss outta dat! Allyuh man and dem doh have non so allyuh could say ting. heff dem aroun’ fuh a coupla hours an’ see nuh?

  12. owen says:

    issues all over, lol. But nothing that a boob pic can’t resolve :p

  13. abeni says:

    You can give me some of the breasts you chop off..me is breast challenged.lol

  14. Yamfoot says:

    # 14 I discovered very early. I felt empowered when I realized I could only socialize with people I liked being around and who were positive.

    #20 You must be a Libran!

    # 23 I trust you have visited the best Spa in Grenada for some nice hand and feet attention?????

  15. yingyang says:

    @Owen: Do a little digging around (hint: not on this site) and you will discover a picture of the Twins!

    @abeni: They’re all yours! What some bits of butt as well? I would mind arranging for that too!

    @Yamfoot: Not a Libran – an Aries and we are supposed to be the impulsive go-getters of the zodiac. I suspect that’s why I feel so conflicted about being a procrastinator. Just like I’ve put off scheduling a visit to the Best Spa ~ now you’re giving me an idea for my second week of vacation. Hmmm..

  16. m says:

    Owen, whatever you do, do NOT check out my facebook photos. You won’t find anything there. Especially not in the photo album labeled “this is what a Grenadian tweetup looks like”.

  17. yingyang says:

    Hmmph.. I should moderate your comments Maria!

  18. maria says:

    You really should. I’m not to be trusted.

  19. bandi says:

    just found/read many more similarities…

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