Grenada makes…

Was just a matter of time before Grenada landed up on  What got us there? The latest push by Police Commissioner James Clarkson to outlaw baggy jeans and swimsuits on the streets.

The Caribbean island of Grenada is enforcing an indecent exposure law banning swimsuits away from the beach, The Associated Press reports.

The last time I checked, wearing an uncovered swimsuit on the street is listed under the infractions to the Public Decency code, as are public displays of affection, so I’m sure Clarkson can go ahead and fine whoever he wishes to for this.  He should be careful though since I can’t see the rationale in pissing off our already limited supply of tourists.

The baggy jeans thing is causing a ruckus locally, particularly since – as baggy-jean offenders point out – women wearing super-low rider jeans and skimpy halters are even more offensive to the Public Decency code. They are, I can attest to that! Some girls walk around wearing clothing more akin to lingerie than actual outerwear.

I am interested in seeing how this baggy jeans/low rider issue plays out. Personally I think guys in baggy, falling-down pants, not to mention XXXXXXXXL shirts, look totally ridiculous. But is this really something that can be included as an infraction to the Public Decency code? We’re walking a fine line here between constitutional freedom to wear what you wish and the perceived infringement on “the public’s” sense of propriety.  Next we might hear the police wanting to ban tattoos or body piercings. Or restricting plump people from wearing tight pants! Or disallowing improperly done hair weaves and garish nail extensions! Who knows where it will end?!

One note regarding a Fark comment:

I was in Grenada a few months ago and I was told to take off my pants in the Airport because they were combats/camoflage and warned I’d be arrested if I was seen wearing them again.

Camouflage civilian gear has been outlawed ever since our brush with Teh Communistz back in ’79-’83.  Wearing face masks is also not allowed.

[edit]: Oh gawwwddd…. this issue is being blogged about elsewhere!

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17 comments on “Grenada makes…
  1. maria says:

    What needs to be illegal is TOEnail extensions.

  2. […] Seriously, though, this is a perfect example of how amateur some so-called Grenadian professionals are.  Read more here. […]

  3. acrooms says:

    maria, i can TOTALLY cosign that one.

    Ms. YY, on a totally different subject, but something that is on my mind this morning. can you tell me how Grenadians (or at least the radio DJs here) got so into American country music from the 70s and early 80s?

    “The Gambler” is now going to be stuck in my head ALL DAY….


  4. lifeonarock says:

    When I first arrived in Grenada, I went out and about in St. George’s with camo shorts on. I was warned and threatened to be arrested on the spot for wearing them. I had no idea and I was incredibly embarrassed! I wouldn’t have worn them if I had known, and obviously I haven’t worn them since. People like me need a guide when they arrive that is “What NOT to wear/do/say in Grenada”.

  5. yygda says:

    @maria: I try to pretend toenail extensions do not exist. They are truly hideous.

    @acrooms: If I could offer a proper explanation for the love of old style country & western music, I would. The best I can come up with is that way back in the old days the radio stations played a lot of country music, versus the more “radical” 70’s rock and 80’s punk, and older people luuuuurrveeeee themselves some Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Back then there wasn’t a great deal of local or regional music that was available for radio play. Please note that this phenomena is a Caribbean-wide thing, not just Grenada. In St Lucia, for instance, there are quite a few local country & western singers on the circuit!

    @lifeonarock: Welcome back to Greenz! Are you indoctrinating the hubby into island life yet? I double-dare you to let him wander into town in full camo gear *lolz* j/k

  6. Dave G says:

    I dunno – I live near Atlanta GA, and I must say, those guys with the back of their pants somewhere in the vicinity of their HEELS is getting really, really ridiculous. I think Atlanta NEEDS some public decency laws like y’all have – it just makes a trip to UNderground Atlanta (an underground shopping mall in DOwntown Atlanta) that much more pleasant.

    And here’s another vote on the toenail extensions. Yeeeeecccchhhhh! Poor taste. ’nuff said.

  7. jdid says:

    and i thought barbados was the only place camouflage was banned lol

  8. abeni says:

    camouflage banned in vincy too and yes we have stripped people too. Swimsuit on the street will soon be the norm eh so look out.

  9. maria says:

    But why is camo banned in Vincy and Barbados? Can’t be the same reason as Grenada, or can it?

    • Robbie Rob says:

      Police Special Service Unit (SSU) in the Caribbean wear army fatigue (military camo gear). There are laws on the books related to impersonating an officer. So in essence any part of the outfit is off limits to the civilian population.

  10. Stunner says:

    I hate to see those idiots the baggy jeans under the asses, looks so nasty! I however like to see the women in hipsters, but some women take it to the extreme, not everyone wants to see but crack all hanging out.

  11. […] LifeOnARock blogs here and is another American living in Grenada. I’ve never met her.  She commented on YingYang’s post about “indecent exposure” in Grenada, saying this: “When I first arrived in […]

  12. Look,
    Ma’am. Consider yourself lucky. Our police Commissioner is on a trip about “European-style license plates”.
    Now, never mind that our murder rate last year was the highest ever. No. Mr. Commissioner has his priorities in place. European style license plates are a grave threat to our National Security (I think? He gave no reason for this sudden and grave menace–a menace so bad he held a press conference; something the murder rate did NOT prompt him to do.) and must be stamped out!

    Sometimes I wonder how the stupidest people get into the most important positions!

  13. YingYang says:

    @Trinidad. Adventist. Gay?! (don’t call me ma’am – I not so old for dat!) – the powers that be have decided, following a botched attempt at a bank robbery the other day, to shut down a regular Friday night street lime that used to happen in Grand Anse. The rationale for this is to discourage loitering around branches of 3 major banks which are in the vicinity of this street lime. Needless to say I cannot figure out how stopping a Friday night lime has anything to do with an attempted robbery that occurred on a Sunday morning!

    Meanwhile there’s this case of a woman who recently went to the media to report the brutal beating her ex-boyfriend put down on her. Up to now the police can’t pick up the damn good-for-nothing man – he still walking around all over the place liming, threatening the woman’s teenage daughters in their school, etc. *sigh*

  14. maria says:

    YY, they didn’t get that punkass yet? WTF? Priorities mi backside.

  15. Andrew Charles says:

    I couldn’t possibly comment!

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