What a pile of goop!

Pretentious actress Gwyneth Paltrow has launched a lifestyle website/newletter called Goop.  Apparently Goop was her childhood nickname and quite obviously, her marketing & advertising guy was sleeping through the meeting wherein she proposed calling the venture Goop. Because seriously, doesn’t Goop sound like something one rubs on a skin infection, rather than a cool, edgy (presumably sentimental) name for a lifestyle blog?

Anyways, I checked out Goop which appears to be Miss Paltrow playing at being Martha Stewart without the good photography.  The web site offers:

  • Recipes: such as tuna steaks on ciabatta bread sandwiches which Paltrow says her toddler son likes *eyeroll*;
  • Philosophy: Miss Paltrow’s treatise on Pessimism is good for a laugh;
  • Information on Culture/Museum/Artsy-Stuff;
  • Holistic/heath information: get more sleep, drink more water and cut out sugar. Who knew?
  • Restaurant and hotel recommendations: specially for us folks who can afford ₤175 per night hotels – ₤175 being the cheapest room rate I could find!
  • Clothing: tips for a stylish yet “fuss-free” wardobe, for us busy working mothers.  Heck, anyone could look chic if they changed their ratty sweatpants for a slouchy grey tank from Zooey, slipped on their Bottega Veneta boots, and tossed their Balenciaga purse into their Tods handbag.

Normally I wouldn’t waste the effort to write a snarky review of some random celebrity’s pet web project, but there is something so idiotic this one that I couldn’t help myself.  Anyone who can afford the lifesytle Paltrow talks about would not be need to read her web site to get tips on what to wear/where to stay, y’know what I mean?  Tuna steak sandwiches for my kid’s lunch-break? Hell! I’m lucky if I can afford some nice tuna steaks for my Sunday dinner! (About EC$25 for two pieces of tuna. Besides, what child do you know eats fish that isn’t out of a can and mixed with mayonnaise?) Well, I guess that’s what you get from a crappy-arse, poorly designed website called Goop. steupse!

For some real lifestyle/living blogs check out some of my personal recommendations below or leave links to your favorites in the comments.
Better Homes & Gardens (the bomb!)
Martha Stewart
Daily DIY
Design Sponge
Smitten Kitchen

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5 comments on “What a pile of goop!
  1. acrooms says:

    is her whole “Be” page on pessimism a little too self-assuredly high-brow and hokey, or is it just me??


  2. yygda says:

    It’s not you, believe me. Don’t you find the whole website hokey?

  3. acrooms says:

    it’s pretty bad. you’d think there would have been a bunch of meetings about the design and content of the site before it went up. maybe she has all the creative control?

  4. Pascale says:

    “doesn’t Goop sound like something one rubs on a skin infection”

    haha, that’s so true!

  5. Thea says:

    eeeeeewwwwww! it is disgusting. i don’t gwinnie’s goop on me….and no gwinnie, people don’t get an “energy charge out of being negative,” they just don’t want your goop. give it to your husband if he wants it. and btb, keep it to yourselves, PLEASE!

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