Palin-Biden Debate – LiveBlog

8 minutes to go for the Caribou Barbie Comedy Hour VP Candidate Debate. Palin vs Biden. Wooohooo!

8:55 – I seriously covet CNN’s anchors’ big touch screen.

9:00 – Wolf Blitzer rambles too much.  Ohhh I love Gwen Ifil!

9:07 – She blew Gewn Ifil a kiss. Nuff said.

9:20 – Only twenty minutes in and I hate SP more than ever. Stop calling him Barack woman! He’s “President-elect Obama” to you!!

9:25 – Oh snap… “the ultimate bridge to nowhere” dig by Biden got an audience laugh.

9:43 – SP is awesomely engaging with her dropped “g”s and word salads, such as “Change.. refrom..maverick…energy..alaska..  HOCKEY MOMS!”

10:16 – I can NOT believe she said Jill Biden’s reward is in heaven, dog gone it! AND she’s doing shoutouts to Alaska!

THE END – sigh. What can I say. I think she was not as terrible as the recent Katie Couric interviews but .. jeez.. argghh …. why would anyone vote for this woman? I’ll admit I was not blown away by Biden – I found him too restrained and maybe conscious of not being seen as beating up on her, but he was strong, clear and concise. His obviously superior intellect and plain old knowledge topped Palin’s nonsensical waffling responses, all of which seemed to find their way back to Alaska! And Energy!

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3 comments on “Palin-Biden Debate – LiveBlog
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  2. maria says:

    She didn’t crash and burn but she didn’t do anything to help McCain either. All she’s doing now is getting ready for 2012.

    I love it that McCain has pulled out of Michigan. I’m back to my original position — He does not want to win.

  3. jdid says:

    did you catch mccains that one comment last night?

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