American Politics: Comedy Relief

Here’s a link to a post discussing John McCain canceling his appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live. Why? Because yesterday, CNN’s Campbell Brown asked a McCain staffer some pointed questions about Gov Palin’s qualifications and John McinSane is all miffed, poor baby thinks the interview was “over the line”.

R O T F L M F A O !!!!!1!!!!!!!!!

What the hell is that man going to do when Putin / Ahmadinejad / Maliki / Bin Laden piss him off? Run inside wailing “Mommy, mommy tell the bad man to stop. Wahhhhhhhh”?

Be sure to read the comments for great comedy.

The McDepends campaign

the republican candidate for President of the United States, John McPussy

Who would have guessed that POW, when applied to Flippy McSpin, would stand for “Pathetic Old Wuss”?

I think the SS McCain has just gone from being a row boat (without oars) to a submarine with screen doors

Thats not propaganda disguised as journalism. Thats actual journalism! Disgusting

Was McGrumpy absent the day they handed out the thick skins in Politics 101?

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5 comments on “American Politics: Comedy Relief
  1. jdid says:

    I keep thinking there has to be some bombshell he’s waiting to drop cause no way could a legit campaign be disintegrating like this. I mean Palin has more skeletons than a WWII graveyard. and it hasnt even been a week since she was named vp candidate. Imagine what they can find if they actually spend some time doing some serious digging. its scary. and you want this woman to be the next in line to mccain. do you really want anyone with her level of drama leading the US? Seriously if they really wanted a female pick there had to be at least a couple handfuls better than her. she is just a really bad pick.

  2. acrooms says:

    i’m with jdid. i have been trying to figure for days what the mccain campaign could have been thinking. the only thing that i have come up with is that palin might draw some of the serious religious right that mccain hasn’t been able to attract.

    because sadly, as soon as many of those folks hear about her stance on abortion and gun control, they could care less about anything else.

    who cares about poverty, healthcare, or the environment? they sure don’t.

  3. m says:

    My very first thought when I heard about Palin was that McCain was throwing the election, that he either didn’t want to win or had realized he couldn’t and was giving up. I just don’t get it.

  4. Stunner says:

    interesting course of action on his part.

  5. Have to agree with Stunner, interesting course of action indeed.

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