Vivian and Lewis – Denouement!

*sigh* Well, it appears all has not been well in the fairy-tale romance of Vivian and Lewis. The News of the World, a well known, UK trashy tabloid, posted an “interview” with Vivian in which she apparently discusses, among other things, Lewis’s stepping out on her:

“But days after Lewis got into bed with me he was pictured cosying
up to Nicole in Monaco. I was very disappointed. I thought he could
have shown me a little more respect.

“It looked like he was playing me. And I felt the world was laughing
at me. He called me soon after and has been in touch almost every day
since but I don’t even want to talk to him about it.

*cough* Um.. well. OK. I’m not sure where or what to say about that interview, except to say that this is News of the World – the same tabloid that routinely publishes UFO and alien-baby stories so …. Oh who am I kidding! Vivvy did a VIDEO interview with them! I can’t even hypothesise that she was misquoted or her words twisted. Oh Vivvy! Spilling one’s soul to the tabloid media? I’m disappointed. It does not surprise me that Lewis is a man-ho, and broken heart or not it shouldn’t surprise Vivian either, but kissing and telling is in such bad form!

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One comment on “Vivian and Lewis – Denouement!
  1. m says:

    What really struck me about the interview is that she makes him sound like a pathetic little boy… while at the same time she clearly wants us to feel sorry for her. So naive of her. She needs a US-style manager/agent to keep her from making these mistakes in the future. Because really, all I wanna do now is play video games with Lewis.

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