Old Grenada Flag

I was browsing around online the other day and discovered an image of the pre-independence flag of Grenada, while we were an associated state from 1967 to 1974.

grenada associated state flag

This flag was adopted in 1967 when the island became a British associated state. It was replaced by the present flag when Grenada became independent in 1974. <…..> The emblem is the nutmeg which grows throughout Grenada (otherwise known as the Spice Island) and grows downwards inside of a yellow pod. The red in the emblem signifies the mace that grows on the outside of the nut and is also used as a spice.

Colour me ignorant but I never knew we had a country flag prior to independence – I thought we just fell under the Union Jack. Further research revealed that five different flags have been flown for Grenada!

Interesting trivia – the associated state flags of Grenada, St Vincent and St Kitts are all strikingly similar. It appears that the College of Arms may have been attempting to create a “family” of flags for the former West Indian Federation islands.

Grenada: blue – yellow – green horizontal with oval white borderd red in the centre (and an upside down flower in the white)
St Vincent: green – yellow – blue horizontal with lozenge white bordered blue in the centre (and a flower in the white) Apparently this flag was never used
St Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla: blue – yellow – green vertical black palm tree on the yellow area


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7 comments on “Old Grenada Flag
  1. interesting topic! could you find another strange flag?

  2. jdid says:

    i never knew that. i jut assumed everyone flew the union jack prior to independence.

  3. kami says:

    Vincy changed its immediate post Independence flag for the 3 diamonds one. Apparently they complained that the first one was abused as a political symbol

  4. jche says:

    I lived in Grenada from 1969-1976 & remember the blue,yellow & green flag. I attended two schools whilst there, & remember the build up towards independence. There were spasmodic riots,sometimes with gunshots, late into the night. Some children stayed away from school due to looting & general troubles. I got caught up in a riot/looting spree with other school dudes & got pushed along by the hoardes of adults. we ended up in ‘Ever-Ready’ store. The store-room is in the loft. Being youths & adventurious, we got up there alright. To all those people who mobbed ‘Ever-Ready’s’ store, baying for Rice! Sugar! Flour! I apologise..!!
    I gave you Biscuits…, it was the only thing I could lift up there, & anyhow we liked biscuits & nothing to do with the ‘Marie Antoinette syndrome’ of, ‘Let them eat cake.’
    Thanks Mater-Pater, ya never saw that coming, what an adveture those year were.
    All schoolchildren had a competition to design the new flag, Which I didn’t win, and most at my school didn’t like the new design.
    We thought the Nutmeg in the corner was a lil childish compared to other losing designs.
    An incident which occurred when I first arrived on the island. We had a Sportsday, loads of schools were there packed into the Grandstand Stadium, the Premier was there, and I wouldn’t stand up to the Anthem&Flag, because it wasn’t the ‘Union Flag’ & my parents are UK military.
    This is my confusion, shouldn’t the ‘Union flag’ be flying in postion 1 with the old Grenadian flag to the left and lower, and the Anthem “God save the Queen”

  5. Michael Julien says:

    Excellent work!

    I remembered when I was “small” that there was another flag with a nutmeg on it. Asked my wife but she said “no”. By memory is not easily erased: I decided to search for it.

    Thanks for doing this. We need more people like you here!

    Best for Christmas and the New Year,
    Michael V. Julien

  6. teresa Metzler says:

    I am so happy to come across this while searching for the old flag, to hang in my office next to the current one. An interesting bit of history, thanks. I lived in Grenada from 1965 through 74.. I attended Convent and Mother Rose. I would love to buy an old Grenada flag, do you have any leads on how or where I can get one??? A very Merry Christmas and Best fo rthe New Year

  7. SEON says:

    That’s interesting. I never knew that. I actually like that flag.

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