Bread price gone up

I see Kami wondering about increase in flour price in Vincy.  Well gyul – flour price gone up over here long time and recently de Bakers Association vote to increase bread price.  A loaf of slice bread is $5.00 now.  T’ings so bad people boycotting bread entirely; is back to breadfruit and bluggoe for we.  And hear we macco Ministry of Finance nuh: “T’ings hard in Greenz. De bakers ent have to do dat to de people.”  Well, if de MInistry care so much about bread and de people, dey shoulda look into fuel and wheat concessions for the bakeries years ago when dey was asking the government for help.

Steups! Pure stale bread ah eatin’ dese days. One loaf ah week rations!

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5 comments on “Bread price gone up
  1. jdid says:

    everything going up everywhere. world in a recession but that is a bad word and they dont want to panic people so they just trying to appease we that these things temporary.

  2. yygda says:

    Jdid, the irony is that the ordinary man KNOWS we in a recession. It’s the politicians and dem that ‘fraid to admit it.

  3. jdid says:

    figure it must be because them big up people dont go to the supermarket and see that the same 5 things that cost 18 dollars two weeks ago costing 23 today. they have chauffeur to fill up the gas tank and butler and maid to shop and accountant to pay the bills so they aint seeing the things we seeing.

  4. kami says:

    Yeah girl, look how bread is luxury eh

  5. trini says:

    In Trinidad a loaf of bread is $ 12.00

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