TEMPO in Grenada!

On Saturday March 3rd 2007 was the first ever TEMPO Concert in Grenada. It was held at the old Drive-In Yard on the Maurice Bishop Highway, a pretty good spot for an open air show. Listed to appear were Richie Spice, Gyptian, assorted local artists, and the finals of the Grenadian VJ Competition. Showtime as stated on the ticket was 6pm.

So of course I get there at 6pm.

Wrong move. The show finally began somewhere around 8:30-9pm. I wish the TEMPO people had indicated on the tickets that were going by Caribbean Standard Time and that we shouldn’t seriously expect them, as a professional organisation, to actually start the show at the advertised time. Steups. Silly me, huh?

While waiting we indulged in some good food..
march 014

.. and drinks…
march 012

Meanwhile, we start hearing chat about how Gyptian is a no-show, and that TEMPO secured Rupee as a replacement performer. By now I was starting to have serious doubts about TEMPO’s ability to pull this concert off successfully.

Anyway, when the show finally started, close to 9pm, first up on stage was Keith Simon singing the national anthem. Keith has participated in the Caribbean Song Festival and the Digicel Rising Stars, and his rendition was excellent.
march 021

Zingo on stage
march 027

West the Cowboy singing Wild, Wild West
march 030

EloBlock De Road
march 046

Soca Banton says to wave your flag Over Yuh Head
march 051

Flag Party by Sheldon Douglas
march 064

Reigning Grenada Calypso Monarch Scholar
march 037

My favouritist local calypsonian of all time – The Inspector. Madness Time!!
march 068

The BabyKilla Hollis Mapp rocking the place – Balance Yuhself!
march 075

Spontaneous tired go Fuh Crown
march 080

HoneyLaLa, Jeanille, Nishka and Gary “Mr Smooth”. Gary is a local radio DJ who was co-hosting with HoneyLaLa. Frankly I felt that they should have scrapped the VJ Competition and just offered Gary the job. He was fabulous!
march 084

The TEMPO chairman or vice-president or whatever. You know the guy – he’s always featured on the channel. Yeah, came on stage and mistakenly refered to our island as Jamaica. Twice. Hmph!
march 112

Rupee (seXXy!!! but boring) filling in for the missing Gyptian
march 116

march 118

Now I wish I was able to show you pictures of Richie Spice on stage, but I finally left the concert at about 12:30am, while Rupee was still singing. As of that time I had been on my feet in the Drive-In Yard for over 6 hours and still no sign of the headline artists. From reports I have heard Richie Spice didn’t perform until around 2:30-3am. Totally and utterly ridiculous! As far as I am concerned, the line-up of local singers was worth my EC$40 ticket, and I would certainly have paid that to see them alone in concert. (Actually I would pay that to see BabyKilla alone in concert. His stage presence and performance is really good.) However, that does not excuse the TEMPO management for a poorly planned and managed show. The 3-hour delay, during which the TEMPO big-wigs were allegedly eating dinner at The Beach House, was unacceptable.

Shame on you TEMPO. Boo!

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One comment on “TEMPO in Grenada!
  1. Abeni says:

    So what was Gyptian’s excuse? This weekend I heading to Kassav’s performance on the Blue Fest..I cannot wait

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