Politics, Politricks

The ongoing local taylaylay continues over allegations that Opposition MP Kenrick Fullerton allegedly beat up his wife following an incident where his wife allegedly smashed his alleged girlfrind’s windscreen. For his part MP Fullerton denies the alleged wife beating attack and apparently hinted that it might have actually been he that was attacked by his wife.

So now everyone’s got an opinion about politicians and their domestic issues. Needless to say, I won’t hesitate to weigh in. Frankly, I could care less what public officials do in the privacy (or non-privacy as the cae may be) of their bedrooms and the sheer hypocrisy of some of the other MPs, politicians and government officials towards this incident makes me laugh. There is not ONE among them who does not have an “outside” woman. Allegedly. Jeez. The way some of them carry on you would think they were 60-year old virgins or something. Come on – even the female ministers/MPs (allegedly) have their own little boy-toys, married-man boyfriends and such like. If it is one thing the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal highlighted, it was that sex and its related “morality issues” are largely irrelevant when it comes to the core issues of governance.

Far more interesting to me is the question of public officials’ business and financial dealings, for we all know that from hence springs the seeds of corruption and wrong-doing. And speaking of Mr Fullerton, it seems that he was also embroiled in some sort of mini-scandal pertaining to his insurance agency’s finances. Now THAT is something that I care about because how he handles his own business affairs reflects how he will handle the country’s own.

In any case I am pleased to see that Fullerton is stepping down from the Opposition NDC’s executive body and the party leadership has indicated that they will be seeking a new representative to contest his seat in the next election. Although it has come with some prodding, it is great to see the integrity of the party being put before one member’s individual pursuits.

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3 comments on “Politics, Politricks
  1. Abeni says:

    Almost sure I heard t his man admitting to the incident when he tendered his resignation. My reaction was a wry smile at the idea that wife beating still going on

  2. YY says:

    He hasn’t out and out *denied* it, but he has stated that the incident did not go down the way it was *reported*. Leads me to believe that (a) his did wife mash up de other woman car and (b) he get vex and slap she and (c) she slap he back.

    Town also says that the other woman *says* the wife beat her up.

    Abeni, you must be kidding when you are surprised that wife-beating, or any form of domestic violence for that matter, still exist in these parts. People aren’t as enlightened as we would assume they might be in this 2007.

  3. Abeni says:

    Nah, I know domestic violence still happens.I guess i was hoping it reach a more sophisticated level:)

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