CWC 2007 Update #2

While idly checking out the CWC 2007 website, I came across this venue summary. Wow. Don’t those stadiums look sweet?

Hey – check out what they say about Queens Park in Grenada.

Status: minor upgrade required

I must say that I did a double-take reading this line. Minor Upgrade? Are they serious? Who fact-checks that site? (I promise to post some new photos of present progress at the stadium as soon as possible.)

So this led me off again on a new hunt for commentary about Grenada and CWC 2007. Some snippets:
1. The Grenada Today

The trouble with Grenada, though, is that it was spending money on the World Cup at a time when it must rebuild its infrastructure after Hurricane Ivan. “In Grenada there are some definite question marks. You are in a situation in which your fiscal position doesn’t have a lot of flexibility. You do face some revenue shortages and you do face pressure on capital expenditure”

2. The Grenada Today again

The countdown has started in Grenada towards the hosting of the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup games allocated to the Spice Isle with the unveiling of plans to train 3,500 volunteers.

Successful volunteers on completion of training will be certified and receive top quality brand name uniforms for the matches. Chairman of the local Board of Directors of Grenada LOC, accountant Henry Joseph stated that the volunteers to be chosen will have to do everything possible to ensure that every visitor coming to Grenada is welcomed in the Spice Isle.

The internet cannot convey the expression on my face right at this moment.


Parliaments in the nine countries hosting the 2007 cricket World Cup will soon likely take up legislation to expedite the immigration process for visitors attending matches…..

…..The free flow of cricket fans could be facilitated by putting a special stamp in their passports, Jones said, noting that this area hadn’t yet been worked out.

The countries — Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, St Kitts, Trinidad, Guyana and St Vincent — will have to approve the legislation since there is no regional authority.

4. Australian Sports Tours. Hey, hey, hey! Proposed trip/tour itinerary for matches in Grenada.

5. Barbados Advocate

Scathing comments were reserved for Grenada, though. “Nowhere, though, does work seem as far behind as in Grenada, where Hurricane Ivan wiped out Queen’s Park stadium in September 2004 and washed out roads and bridges throughout the island. China, which two years ago persuaded Grenada to drop its recognition of Taiwan, offered to foot the $40-million bill for the stadium’s reconstruction and has flown in labourers to man the 24/7 operation. China is not competing in the World Cup”.

It was also suggested that the provision of accommodation would be a challenge. “Home to about 100 000 people, Grenada will have to accommodate an estimated 35,000 visitors during the matches, which is likely to overwhelm a hotel industry still rebuilding after Ivan damaged all but a few of its 1 000 rooms. That could give rise to bed-and-breakfasts, but community development specialist Denyse Ogilvie points out that government demands for hefty licensing fees, insurance and service guarantees are deterring most would-be innkeepers from making the investment. Even the prospects for souvenir sales are dim, as few Grenadians can afford to pay franchise costs for use of ICC event names and logos“.

::nervous frown:: Righty-o. I think I’ll stop on that note.

More updates soon.

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2 comments on “CWC 2007 Update #2
  1. Mad Bull says:

    So what do you think? Will Grenada be able to make it? Will you be able to host the visitors?

  2. YY says:

    Hmm… How can I put this as succintly as possible.


    But our Prime Minister is gonna die trying so it will be pretty interesting to see what happens.

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