Holy cow! It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I posted and I guess it’s nigh time to do something about that. But today is Sunday – siesta-day, and I’m just to lazy to compose a post of any great significance. So what’s a lazy girl to do? PHOTOBLOGGING!!!!

I’m actively exercising my beloved Fuji. That camera has so many features I don’t know what to do with half of them.

1. Panoramic of St. George’s: Lagoon Road/The Carenage area.

Click here for the larger version.

2. Panoramic of gorgeous Grand Anse Beach (No I do not get tired of taking shots of Grand Anse).

Click here for the larger version.

3. Yet another beach shot. I was on this beach this morning and a newly arrived tourist couple walked onto the beach a few feet away from me. The wife looks around, taking in this vista, and says “Oh Billy-Bob! It’s just so…so…. Caribbean!”I guess it is indeed.

4. And isn’t this shot rather “Caribbean” as well! Mist & fog rolling down from Mt. Maitland into the suburb of Mt. Parnassus on a miserable rainy day. Do excuse my clothes-line in the foreground.

5. And because no photoblog is complete without some eye candy, I present for the ladies’ enjoyment my two favourite actors….*sigh*

.. and before some fast person points out, no I didn’t take those shots myself; if I had allyuh would ah hear some news story about a crazed woman pouncing on Terrence Howard and Wentworth Miller at the Golden Globes, bawling out “Oh gad! Oh gad! Ah luv ya bad bad bad!”

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