You know . . pt 2.5

Ah ha! As I thought, Mr Vonnie Spicewriter has pulled his Lesbians in Banks post:


But never fear – I’ve got the screenshot from yesterday right here. As a matter of fact I’ve got screenshots of the entire blog!


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13 thoughts on “You know . . pt 2.5

  1. hey ,I pull that thing by pure accident.But I also wanted to do some research on my site to see if persons really read it.Apparently they do! You did and now you addicted!.I figured the only way to really shortcut the time was to post something that would have broken the rules and it did work.
    Mind games! Mind games!
    That being the case,I realized that you a coward to have written to the blog without a name?
    Any way I hope to me you one day.But just o be certain-there are Lesbians at the banks in Grenada,I have at least one Lesbian friend in St.Vincent and quit frankly ,I can’t understand why all the excitement about.but then again ,maybe it is uncovering something hidden in some women who appears to be what they not…
    If you can copy the content of the post and send it to me ,I will clean it up and post it again just to see how many corrupt minds Will visit my site.

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  3. I think this all calls for an “I Heart Grenada Lesbians” facebook group. And perhaps a “Please learn proper grammar and punctuation before you call yourself a journalist” group?

  4. LMAO this is funny, tsk tsk tsk…Grenadians need to get out of the gutter & realize that lesbians are really for real & stop acting like some fuckin cunts & discriminating, after all you cant tell people who to date!!!
    Some may say itz wrong in the eyes of the lord but hey, im pretty sure all of us are doin things that are wrong in his eyes too & who are you to judge anyone???

    Sincerely A Proud Lesbian

  5. please SW! what kinda primary school excuse is that you make up for pulling the post. Be real! oh and yeah, grow up!
    that’s the best support you could show for a piece you write…you my friend are a cowardly journalist. Go brave next time!

    Write because you love it and not because you are trying to attract corrupted minds to your blog!

  6. Oh you people-LMAO PLEASE STOP THE OBSCENE! An if you are a pround lesbian as you claim to be,send me your contact info that I may interview you.Funny how things that are so right,we hid and do in the dark.
    I did pull the post by accident.But thanks for the encouragement.
    Sometimes I post from Microsoft word 2007,other times I go straight in the dashboard.In this case I accidentally delete it.My site has a lot of traffic,so I don’t need a post like this (as previously thought)
    To you who wants to know-yes they are hot-very hot.But you know in Grenada ,it is who you know and what you say.Went in the bank lately,and the girls been watching me hard! This simply means the chance of getting a loan from the banks are -99-NIL-ZIT-NADA for me,but so what.

  7. at least one lesbian friend in st. vincent??? wow… why my lickle islan always have to get call up???

    i’d like a(nother few) lesbian friend(s)…

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