Remembering Ivan

Today marks the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Ivan’s assault on Grenada in 2004. This post is published at 4:00pm, to commemorate the approximate time on that day that our roof was torn off our house.

Hurricane Ivan passes over Grenada

Hurricane Ivan passes over Grenada

Below are the links to my two-part post about Ivan, originally written in 2005.

YY’s Ivan Chronicle part 1
YY’s Ivan Chronicle part 2

A few links where you can view other “survivor” stories and pictures:
Samir Shah (SGU student)
Cindy’s Webshots Album
Lovest3 Webshots Album
Grenada Explorer
madmarck66′s Flickr

And now, on this day in 2008, we have Hurricane Ike (Cat 4) wrecking havoc on the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Haiti and Cuba. Thoughts, prayers and wishes for safety go out to all affected. If you can, please donate to The Red Cross or local relief efforts.

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4 thoughts on “Remembering Ivan

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  2. Testing..Last couple times I tried to comment it didn’t go through

    I remember Ivan was heading straight for SVG and somehow we escaped, You know nuff people went around boasting of how blessed we were etc etc.

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